Below is a list of our upcoming club trips and events. Feel free to contact the trip leader for more information or use the Contact page. Check out our Trip Photos page too as there may be photos of previous trips to these locations. If you have any suggestions on trips please let us know!


Mainland Winch Comp Series Round 5 
October 12-13th Christchurch 

Nevis Opening and ladies drive
Labour Weekend – Saturday 26 October 
Trip Leader: Jake/Jen – 021862891
Sorry lads, lady drivers only! Something a bit different to try to get our lovely club girlfriends and wives the chance to tame the beasts! (4WDs we mean) If you can’t find a lady driver, you may have to wear a dress or a wig to convince us otherwise! 

Club Meeting
Wednesday 30th October
Special guest TBC
7.30pm at the Holiday Inn Queenstown 

Skippers Canyon/Bullendale (Tiger Trail)
Saturday 16th November
Trip Leader: Jake – 021862891
There is a gnarly rock wall to traverse – if you would like to come please message before the day as I will be strict on what vehicles can come down the rock wall. Winch and or lockers preferred. 
Grade: 3 for main trail – rock face 5. 

Club Meeting
Wednesday 27th November
Special guest TBC
7.30pm at the Holiday Inn Queenstown 


In planning/coming soon:

Rees Valley

West Wanaka

Naseby/Oteake Snow Trip

Old Man Range/Waikaia Bush

Club Training and safety gear checks