Club Rules

  1. Members may not organize Club runs without first obtaining permission. Where permission is required to access property, an executive member of the Club must, before a trip commences be contacted and notified that permission has been received from the property owner or controller. All trips must have an appointed Trip Leader. All members must comply with the Trip Leader’s instructions and requests, and club rules.
  2. NO Firearms or Dogs to be carried on Club trips.
  3. NO alcohol to be consumed during Club activities. The Committee may vary this rule for specific occasions.
  4. Dangerous driving or stupidity on a trip is not permitted and any member indulging in this sort of activity will be severely reprimanded.
  5. When on a Club run, whether on the road or trail, each driver will keep the following vehicle visible in his rear vision as much as practicable. If you lose sight of the following vehicle, ease up and wait for it. If after a reasonable time it still fails to catch up, use your radio, go back and look for it. It could have broken down, gone off the track or be requiring other assistance.
  6. When closed gates are encountered the trip leader stops at the gate, and the second vehicle will pull to one side and open the gate and then wait for the convoy to pass through. The second vehicle will then close the gate and rejoin the convoy ahead of the Tail End Charlie. This ensures that no one person is continually left to open and close gates. The Trip Leader may amend this rule to suit the prevailing conditions.
  7. On all Club runs the Club First Aid kit/Rescue kit MUST be carried by the Trip Leader and relevant Trip Leader forms completed. If any equipment from it is used from the club kit, persons responsible must be informed so that items can be replaced.
  8. Courtesy is to be shown to other track users, eg trampers, trail bike riders, horse riders etc. And care showed for the conservation of natural growth and environment as much as possible.
  9. All vehicles are to be maintained in a safe and road worthy condition.
  10. All rubbish must be brought home again for disposal and not left on the tracks.
  11. All vehicles to be fitted with tow hook or hooks approved by the committee and to be in an accessible place on the front and on the rear of the vehicle. Trip Leader to check this.
  12. All visitors on Club trips are expected to abide by the Club rules.
  13. All visitors on Club trips are to be charged $10 per vehicle, unless they are a current NZ4WDA member and can provide their membership number. This grants them temporary Club membership, and covers the Club for Insurance purposes, through NZ4WDA. This will be deducted as part payment for membership, should the visitor decide to join the Club. Trip Leader to collect the money and pass onto the treasurer.
  14. Any member who brings visitors are responsible for them.
  15. Four-wheel drive vehicles only to be permitted on Club runs unless permission obtained from the Committee.
  16. Club stickers must be removed from vehicles when sold.
  17. All vehicles must carry the minimum gear, as laid out in Trip Grades and Minimum Safety Equipment.
  18. The Club shall not be responsible for members or visitors private property.
  19. Junior members must be accompanied by an adult acceptable to the Committee.
  20. The Club members or other persons involved in Club activities shall not be liable for any injuries or damage incurred.
  21. As much mud as possible to be washed off the vehicle as soon as possible after trips asa precautionfor spreading disease and pollution.
  22. Motorcycles and similar vehicles to remain at the rear of the convoy for their own protection.
  23. Due to the problem of unknown persons using the Club name, it is suggested that the registration of all unknown vehicles seen on tracks where the Club also goes should be recorded.
  24. Seatbelts should be worn on Club trips with the exception of deep water crossings.
  25. It is strongly recommended that suitable mud flaps be fitted to the rear of all vehicles.

In Case of an Accident

Trip leader to take control or appoint someone to do so. Ensure safety of yourself, others and property.

Administer First Aid, and assess injuries. Get help underway if required.

Phone 111, EPIRB, Radio Channel 12. Send someone for help.

Know your location – GPS, local knowledge, maps, road signs.

As soon as possible advise a member of the Club executive.

DO NOT Speak to Media. Advise Media to call Club President.