Eyre Creek, May 18, 2014

What the photo doesn’t show was the 20 foot drop...

Trip report from Kate.

Meet at Frankton Bus shelter at 9am. 
Trip Leader : Nick with Colin as co-pilot, Pam in her Surf, and Kate with Matt as co-pilot, as followers.

We all meet at Athol for Colin to get his mandatory pie and so I could pick up my co-pilot Matt. Matt arrived with his membership form and subs and with his trusted chainsaw and safety gear just in case there were any trees blocking our access.

The trip up the valley was very wet and everything was going like a text book trip. We stopped at the small doc hut and managed to stay dry. Colin and Nick stopped at the creek to make a water level mark so we could see how high the water was rising. A comment was passed about if we had to stay the night, what supplies we had and what supplies we didn’t have. I had enough cigarettes, sleeping bag and a bottle of port so I would ok, but the others decided that they were definitely making it out of here.

Just before the bush at the end of the valley we came across very low hanging branches, so Matt got out his chainsaw and gave a tree a little haircut. (I am still trying to protect my paint work). Nick and Pam decided to cross the creek and see how far they could get thru the bush, the answer was not very far. Pam ended up towing Nick out backwards about 10 metres in.

What the photo doesn’t show was the 20 foot drop…


Time for a spot of lunch while sitting in the vehicles as it was still raining. The trip out was going great until my truck decided to slide off the track. What the photo doesn’t show was the 20 foot drop on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Matt didn’t realise how bad it was until he tried jumping out and realised there was no ground to step onto.

Nick and Pam turned around and Nick managed to winch me onto solid ground using Pam as a extra ground anchor. WHOOPS.

We then found a nice little bank coming out of the creek. Nick put his diff locks on and Pam decided to try the soft option, I thought I would give it ago. Whoops again. Thanks Pam for the tow out.

Now you may think that Pam managed to make it out without any incidents but I did see a Toyota Surf suddenly go sideways on the grass before heading into a gate. Nice bit of self-recovery there Pam.

For such a miserable Sunday day it turned into a great trip. Thanks Nick for leading it, Colin for taking the photos, Pam for the being the ground anchor, Matt for supplying the chainsaw and being a great co-pilot.

Pam crossing one of many creek crossings.
Pam crossing one of many creek crossings.
Trip leader Nick demonstrates how it's done.
Trip leader Nick demonstrates how it’s done.