Junction Hut 16-17 April, 2016


On the morning of 16th April the sun was shining on a nice Autumn day. We met at the Frankton bus shelter and headed off to meet the others at the start of Coalpit road.

Trip Leader Al Campbell & navigator Aislin in their Suzuki flat deck.

Jake in his Jimny; Mark in his SWB Nissan Safari; John & family in their Toyota Hilux; Tim & Jan LWB Nissan Safari; Callum & May SWB Landcruiser Prado; Tom in his Defender; Paul Toyota Landcruiser; Lee Gamble in his Toyota Surf; Matt & Kate as Tail End Charlie in their Toyota Landcruiser.

Starting on Coalpit road heading towards Duffers saddle and Nevis Crossing road conditions just after the woolshed lunch stop caused a bit of bother for a few of the trucks. All hands on deck to cut a ledge to run the wheels on. Everyone got through eventually except John in the Hilux who punctured a tyre, causing a slow leak for the rest of the trip.

Once on the Old Woman range I (Lee) took a very wrong line through a bog and needed to be towed out backwards, bending up my exhaust.

Stopped of at Hyde Rock (I think) to admire the views and bitter chill, then onward past the AA hut and on to the Junction Hut track to spend the night in the hut and tents. Unwind time with BBQ and beers.

Departed in the morning after a night of rain. Al and Tom took a walk up a steep hill, not sure what it is called, to see if the road ahead was drivable.

Kate chickened out at this point, along with driver Matt (who wanted to go the steep way) and along with John & family returned via Roxburgh.

A few drivers decided to chain up and we headed off up the steep track to link with the Whitcombe road, and off we headed to Piano Flat finishing the trip in Waikaia.

All round a great trip and everyone had a good time.

Lee Gamble