Lochy Trip, 22-23 March 2014

As my first over night trip with the club and with the weather forecast looking fantastic, I knew the weekend trip (and may I add, my birthday) were going to be fantastic.

Saturday 22nd

After meeting in Mossburn a little late and my truck making some very strange noises we decided to make tracks.

The first part of the trip was very dusty along the gravel road to Walter Peak, but soon changed once we left the beaten track, this is where it all began.

After reaching the top of the first big climb, Paul’s transmission decided to over heat, but still we pushed on. A little later on that day, Paul’s transmission totally gave up. This is were it got a little more exciting with Neil trying his hardest winching Paul up the first big incline with very little effect,so we went to plan B:

3 trucks and 1 land cruiser,this was the way forward for the next God knows how long, much fun and great experience personally for me(sorry Paul).

After a very long day and a whiskey or two, we all settled down to talk about the day’s events.



Sunday 23rd

After cooking a much needed full English, we split of into to 2 groups one to get Paul’s truck the others the take a lovely drive to Halfway Bay.

After a short stay we met up with the others for a spot of lunch then we drove on to Siberia Hut.

We all then made our way back to Collins bay where we took a barge across the Wakatipu.

Many thanks to every one for a fantastic weekend, not to mention the Rive family – once again thank you.