Rees Valley May 29, 2011

We all met at the Café in Glenorchy at 10am, had a quick coffee and a chat and got underway led by Neil. There were eight trucks in total, four Toyota Landcruisers, two Pajeros, a Nissan Safari, and Bert’s Rangie.

After taking off in convoy we proceeded up the Rees Valley via the road until we came to Muddy Creek where the off road section of the trip started. We followed and crossed the river up the valley, Axel took a wrong line through the river and got stuck in a deep swift section, I went to help and my tow strap was let go and floated down the river. Thanks to Noelene’s keen eye spotting the submerged strap and Bert’s retrieving skills, the tow strap was recovered.

Axel was finally winched out of the river by myself, after being winched out he opened his doors and let the contents of the Rees river flow out of his truck.

It was then decided to take a detour over to the waterfall and we took a break for lunch just under the falls in the sunshine. After lunch we set off again up the valley with numerous river crossings. At the end of the valley there was a tree over the last section of the track, Neil and Colin decided they wanted to tackle the last section up the river bed to the swing bridge. while a few of us decided to walk the track up to the bridge where we were met by Neil and Colin.

Time to turn around and head back down the valley which included a few deep crossings and we met up on some guys in kayaks negotiating the river. A quick hill climb up a bank was carried out by all, some taking a few attempts to get up, then a quick trip down the road to Glenorchy to the pub for a drink and debrief.

Thanks Neil for leading a great trip and to Bert for fishing out my tow strop.

Cheers Nick

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