Welcome to the Shotover 4WD Club

Next Club Meeting 

Wednesday 25 October, 2017 at 7.30pm 

The Shotover 4WD Club is based in Queenstown, the home of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery. We generally hold a couple of runs each month.

Our monthly meetings are held in the Holiday Inn Functions Room (was Goldridge Resort), 594 Frankton Road at 7.30 pm on the last Wednesday of the month. Access is uphill onto Goldfield Heights Road, then right onto Goldridge Way. All new prospective members are welcome. We are a very friendly bunch and welcome anyone who comes to visit us.

Our trips can vary from easy family-friendly runs over gentle back country roads to tougher off road trips for more experienced drivers.

If you are new to the Queenstown region, the Shotover 4WD Club is a great way to meet new friends and explore the amazing back country in our area.

We have a variety of places to go in the wider Otago area; we even do runs in the West Coast and Southland areas.

Currently we have around 40 active members with a wide range of trucks ranging from stock standard to the more modified trucks.

Our website is updated frequently, so please check in again soon!

Magic south coast scene. Blue Cliffs Saturday 05 August.

Bert eyeballing Scott Base way to the south.

Andrew and Joanne enjoying the sea air.

He just can’t help himself, can he? If there’s mud he’ll find it! Longwoods Forest Sunday 06 August.

shotover 4wd club macauly valley1

Lonely wheel tracks leading up to Macaulay hut on Saturday 08 July

shotover 4wd club macauly valley2

His 12th year leading the trip into Macaulay must be some type of record

shotover 4wd club macauly valley3

Macaulay hut

shotover 4wd club macauly valley4

Iced river crossings

shotover 4wd club macauly valley5

How to bust a CV joint

shotover 4wd club macauly valley6

And still keep smiling