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REMEMBER: With any club trip, grade 1 or not, we are off-roading! Anything can happen, so be prepared for breakages and/or damage.

Grade 1: Standard unmodified trucks, easy driving, no damage or scratches likely. Suitable for novice drivers.

Grade 2: Standard trucks with good tyres, easy tracks, some brush marks or scratches likely, bumper deep water, some mud. Suitable for intermediate drivers

Grade 3: Trucks with some modifications (mud or hybrid terrain tyres, snorkel) and increased
ground clearance recommended, slightly harder more technical tracks. Some off-roading experience required, wheel deep water, more mud, brush marks and scratches likely, some damage to sills or panels possible. Snorkels recommended.
Suitable for intermediate to experienced drivers.

Grade 4: More heavily modified trucks (mud tyres, snorkel, raised/upgraded suspension, winch preferable) harder tracks, steep hills/inclines, good off-roading experience required, bonnet deep water, deep/lots of mud, expect brush scratches and possible sill/panel damage. Snorkels required. Suitable for experienced drivers.

Grade 5: Very heavily modified trucks (as grade 4 but winch a must, scrub bars) very hard technical tracks, tippy/steep tracks, bush bashing, big rocks, winching will be needed, over bonnet deep water and mud, expect damage! Suitable for very experienced drivers with well-equipped vehicles only.

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Minimum Safety Equipment and Gear

  • Rated recovery points front and rear (remove your towball if you don’t have a rated rear recovery point)

  • Rated D/Bow shackles or rated soft shackles

  • Recovery strap / rated snatch strap

  • Blanket for winch rope / snatch strap

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Spark arrestor (for summer months)

  • Spare wheel

  • Standard jack and base plate

  • Spade or shovel

  • Basic tool kit

  • Torch

  • Toilet paper

  • Strong footwear

  • Leather work gloves

  • Minimum 3rd party insurance cover

  • Valid full NZ Driver’s License

  • Current registration and Warrant of Fitness (for public roads)

  • Container of water

Recommended equipment items

  • Vehicle-mounted UHF radio (preferred) or hand-held UHF radio

  • Snorkel

  • Hi-Lift jack

  • High-visibility vest

  • Tree trunk protector and snatch block

  • Equaliser strap

  • Supplies of water and oils (engine, transmission, brakes, diffs, steering)

  • Common spare parts (alternator belt, radiator / heater hoses, CV etc)

  • Good fitting chains

  • EPIRB / PLB / Satellite communications unit

  • Recovery tracks

  • Tyre deflator

  • Air compressor

  • Winch – with synthetic rope.

  • Radiator blind / sack

  • Overnight gear – sleeping bag, tent etc

  • Winch extension strap or spare winch rope

Gear & Grades: About
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