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Macetown: June 24, 2023

Report by Harry

The Macetown trip started with a brisk Saturday morning which then turned into a nice day. We met at the Chinese Village at 9am with our 9 trucks. Dave as trip leader in his big 80, Dave S in his hilux, John in his Jeep, Keith in his Pajero sport, Kevin in his Prado, Soren in his hilux, myself (Harry) in my old Pajero, our new member Andras in his Prado and finally Tail end Charlie - Colin in his Triton.

The brisk morning made the track a little more interesting with the thin layer of ice on track, this made a few of the steeper climbs a little more challenging but fun. We stopped at the usual first spot which is Scoles tunnel, this is where the river was diverted so the miners could work the river bed. It's a cool wee track down to a small blocked off tunnel along the river bed, we exited back up the same track to continue along the Macetown track.

After Scoles tunnel we followed the lower track along the river bed which consists of crossing the river a few times with a few tricky exits. We continued through to the Stamper Battery and finally stopped for lunch at the restored bake house.

Along this track we stopped a few more times for a few of the cool, challenging sections Macetown has to offer.

After lunch we returned via the top track stopping along the way to put some safety stakes in place where the track had eroded. An unfortunate truck met its end down the bank back in December where a few club members helped get this truck out the river to avoid polluting.

In total Macetown trip is 36km long and was an all round excellent day outing as a club.

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