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Nevis Valley: October 14, 2023

Report by Harry Compton

We met at the Big fruit in Cromwell on Saturday 14th of October. Despite being trip leader I

managed to be last again and selfishly grabbed the responsibility for the trip report!

6 trucks on the trip - me in my SWB Pajero, Dave in his 80 series Landcruiser, Raymond in his 100 series Landcruiser, Anton in his Pajero and Toby on his first club outing in his Suzuki Escudo and riding shotgun was Steven.

We started the day with a drive up Carricktown track stopping at the old building at the top. Due to all the rain we had the week prior the road was washed out and a little challenging in some places so made a fun drive up.

Making our way onto the Nevis road, we knew the road was closed due to a land slide just past the station at Commissioners Creek. We decided to drive to the furthest point we could and turn back again, stopping for lunch along the way. We had a wee wander up to see if we could see the slip but no luck.

To finish the day up we made a last minute decision to drive up to old woman hut to find a bit of sloppy mud and a wee bit of snow.

Overall a fun day on the tracks with no injuries or breakdowns.

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