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Rees Valley: July 24, 2022

We met at the Trading Post Café in Glenorchy at 9.30am for a 9.45am departure. Everyone was early, trying to avoid the responsibility of doing the trip report, and gathered in the fog while temperatures rose to a ‘balmy’ 1 degree as we took off. Keith had checked the café was supposed to be open but sadly it was closed to the disappointment of a few coffee lovers amongst us.

9 trucks set out from Glenorchy, with Lynden joining us at the Rees Valley turn-off. Off to Muddy Creek carpark with 10 trucks in convoy – three Toyotas, two Land Rover Defenders, two Suzukis, two Jeep Rubicons and a lonely Mitsi carrying 20 of us on the trip– Keith with Colin and Yvonne, Mike, Kevin, Sal and Lois, Judith and guests, Cade and Freddie, Lynden and Amanda, Jake and Jen, Murray and Ian, David and his son.

The trip:

After airing down and a briefing from Keith we left Muddy Creek carpark ready to tackle the usual rocky Muddy creek crossing. Murray and Ian in their Defender stepped up to be Tail-end Charlie, preceded by David and guest in an identical twin red and white Defender. The path was pretty clear so off to the first water crossing to stop for a photo and look down the valley. The Rees at Invincible flow was running at 12 cumecs. River crossings were shallow to wheel deep and the water was clear. Perfect weather - calm, sunny and brisk conditions set us up for a great trip.

After a few easy water crossings we stopped opposite Lennox Falls below the impressive snow-covered Mt Earnslaw to take photos and admire the snow-topped mountains either side of the valley floor. From here it was a combination of driving across tracks through tussock areas, water crossings and staying on the rocky riverbed.

Keith led us to the traditional lunch spot near the end of the road for 4WD vehicles. A bit of interest watching the trucks climb the bank into the lunch area. Jen and Jake in their new Suzie attracted some admirers looking over the bright blue truck on its maiden 4WD voyage. Despite the truck’s good looks, great interest was shown in the $60 12-volt warmer that they used to have hot pies for lunch!

There was only a small area in the sun with frost and ice covering the space up to the Rees track. Judith and her guests in one Jeep, and Sal and friend in her Suzuki stayed on the gravel river bed in the sun while we had lunch. Most stayed in the sun but the occupants of the identical twin Defenders braved it on the frost for lunch.

After lunch, a quick recce to the furthermost point to look at the Rees track walking bridge then we turned to head home, with Kevin leading us back out.

A fairly uneventful return trip until a few adventurous drivers tackled a soft silt riverbank crossing …. first Cade and Freddie in the 2-door Rubicon got stuck in the silt and were rescued by Lynden. Then Jake and Jen’s Suzuki tried and failed – rescued by Cade. Finally, Keith got his Mitsi stuck – so it was Rees Silt claiming a 3-nil victory.

After that excitement and photo opportunities, it was an easy run back to Muddy Creek to air down, then it was off to the Glenorchy pub by 4pm for a quick debrief. Here we had to say farewell to Sal who is moving to Australia so this was her last club trip. Good luck on your new adventures in Western Australia Sal.

Dipstick nominations

Jake – skiting about hot pies for lunch but not offering to share!

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